China Builds Underwater Sea Lab

South China SeaThe ocean is an amazing and mysterious place. Could you imagine living and working deep in the ocean? China is in the process of building a science lab 10,000-feet underwater that would allow researchers to do just that. Although submarines have been traveling that deep for a long time, nobody has ever attempted to create a semi-permanent, manned station at that depth.

The lab will be located in the South China Sea. China believes that there are a lot of minerals and gasses they will be able to mine from the floor of the sea which will be very valuable. However, they also intend to equip this underwater station to be able to detect approaching submarines as well. This would help China’s military to better defend their country.

In March, China released a list of 100 scientific priorities they wanted to accomplish within the next five years, and this deep sea lab was number two on the list, second only to researching cures for brain disease.