A Little Boy Buys Lunch for Local Law Enforcement

Photo courtesty Winslow Township Police Department / Facebook

A young boy named William Everetz, Jr. had been saving up his allowance for months so he could buy a Hot Wheels police car. He earned his money by feeding chickens and ducks, sweeping outside and helping his dad wash the car.

After reaching his savings goal, instead of buying the car, William decided to buy his local police department lunch! He brought sandwiches, chips, water, and soda to the policemen. He did this to show his thankfulness to his local police officers. He called this “Kindness Day”. “Kindness Day” was not just for the policemen. William also donated toys and school supplies to a shelter for women and children; and food and toys to an animal shelter.

William was treated just like a celebrity that day. He was given a key to unlock a special police entrance and he was able to sit at the chief’s desk. He was also given a ride home in the back of a police car. By visiting the police station, William realized even more that becoming an officer when he grows up is exactly what he wants to do.

What are some ways you can show your appreciation for your local law enforcement?