Jeremiah & Becky are homeschooling parents from way back. Jeremiah was homeschooled his entire life up to college, and Becky now homeschools their four young children. CoolKidNews was created when they realized they wanted to help their elementary-aged children learn more about current events but had difficulty finding an up-to-date, easily-navigable website that presented relevant and informative articles from a positive worldview.

Elementary and middle-school students are still developing their worldview. By the time they reach high school, they should have a proper foundation to process current events. Therefore, all articles are written and submitted by high schoolers for the benefit of students in elementary and middle school. High schoolers gain journalism experience while younger children reap the benefits of learning about the world around them.

What you will find at CoolKidNews:

  • Fun and informative articles on current events
  • Positive and uplifting articles that will inspire students to grow and serve their community
  • Articles written by high school students from all over the world

What you won’t find at CoolKidNews:

  • Stories that inspire fear
  • Political articles
  • Advertisements

If you are a high schooler interested in submitting an article for publication, CLICK HERE.

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