Katelyn Vincik received a prosthetic arm printed with a 3D printer in Houston, Tex. (VINCIK FAMILY / VIA FLICKR)
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A Perfect Prosthetic Fit

Katelyn Vinick was a 5-year-old girl who was born without a fully formed left hand. She has trie d a cosmetic prosthetic arm in the past, but it didn’t work for her. Since then, Katelyn has been waiting for a functional prosthetic arm. After waiting longer than expected, Katelyn’s parents […]

Source: Flickr, PhotographyByBenjamin.
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Jews and Palestinians Unite in Board Games

Palestinians and Israelis have not gotten along very well for many years. There are tensions between the two Middle Eastern groups that have to do with race, religion, and many other factors. Occasionally, these tensions erupt in violence. However, recently, members of both countries have come together in peaceful unity around […]